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Women's Recycled Seamless 3D Fit Multi-Sport Flex Bra

 £11.33 (ex VAT)

This women's recycled seamless 3D fit multi-sport flex bra is perfect for working out. The adjustable strap detailing and removable inner pads keep you feeling supported, while the wicking fabric helps keep you cool and dry. The bra is made of eco-conscious recycled nylon fabric and is certified by BSCI, SEDEX, and WRAP. Removable Kimble or looped garment tags. The inner seam label holds important product information on one label with a second label containing brand information that can be cut away. The product contains no branded neck label but some older stock does. Washing Instructions: Machine wash at 40°C. Line dry. Wash with similar colours. Do not bleach. Do not iron. Do not tumble dry. Do not dry clean. Wash inside out.

  • CODE: tr510
  • FABRIC36% Polyester, 32% Recycled nylon, 24% Nylon, 8% Elastane
  • WEIGHT290gsm
  • SIZES: XS, S, M, L, XL


1. Choose colours

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Assorted Colours


cool grey melange

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Add print price to plain garment price of Women's Recycled Seamless 3D Fit Multi-Sport Flex Bra

Nø of Garments1 Colours2 Colours3 Colours4 Colours5 Colours6 Colours7 Colours8 Colours
1 - 9£3.95£4.50£4.95£5.95£7.50£8.95£0.00£0.00
10 - 24£2.50£2.95£3.65£4.65£5.50£6.50£0.00£0.00
25 - 49£1.35£2.25£2.60£2.75£2.85£2.95£0.00£0.00
50 - 99£0.95£1.15£1.35£1.85£2.05£2.35£0.00£0.00
100 - 174£0.65£0.70£0.75£0.95£1.03£1.19£0.00£0.00
175 - 249£0.58£0.62£0.67£0.87£0.95£1.11£0.00£0.00
250 - 499£0.50£0.55£0.60£0.80£0.88£1.04£0.00£0.00
500 - 999£0.45£0.50£0.55£0.75£0.83£0.99£0.00£0.00
1000 - 1499£0.40£0.45£0.50£0.70£0.78£0.95£0.00£0.00
1500 - 1999+£0.32£0.37£0.42£0.62£0.70£0.87£0.00£0.00


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Nø of Garments2000 Stitches3000 Stitches4000 Stitches5000 Stitches6000 Stitches7000 Stitches8000 Stitches9000 Stitches10000 Stitches
1 - 9£2.95£3.15£3.50£3.85£4.00£4.25£4.55£4.95£5.50
10 - 24£2.00£2.20£2.40£2.60£2.80£3.00£3.20£3.40£3.60
25 - 49£1.80£2.00£2.20£2.40£2.60£2.80£3.00£3.20£3.40
50 - 99£1.50£1.70£1.85£2.00£2.15£2.30£2.45£2.60£2.75
100 - 174£1.35£1.50£1.65£1.80£1.95£2.10£2.25£2.40£2.55
175 - 249£1.27£1.40£1.53£1.65£1.78£1.90£2.03£2.15£2.38
250 - 499£1.20£1.30£1.40£1.50£1.60£1.70£1.80£1.90£2.00
500 - 999£0.95£1.05£1.15£1.25£1.35£1.45£1.55£1.65£1.75
1000 - 1499£0.70£0.80£0.90£1.00£1.10£1.20£1.30£1.35£1.40
1500 - 1999+£0.60£0.70£0.80£0.90£0.99£1.10£1.20£1.25£1.30